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soul space

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soul space

soul space

Seeks to provide a 'sacred space' in the heart of the city; a space to explore, to reflect, to pray; a space to find peace, stillness and refreshment. 

soul space

Is available from lunchtime and in the evening on the first Wednesday of every month, from September to  June, and the Wednesday of Holy Week.

soul space

At lunchtime : 12:30pm-2pm and in the evening : 5pm-7:30pm, the church is 'open house' to allow everyone the freedom to come and go, as and when they want. There are short times of optional, led reflections offered at 1pm and 7pm, for anyone wishing to join with others in worship.

September 2016 - June 2017 Themes

There is an overall theme os 'Meals with Jesus' for the 2016-2017 session. Details of the dates and specific themes and dates for can be found HERE 

soul space - catch up

If you've missed any recent soul space events, or would like to revisit them, you can read the reflections, or view short films, or just see some pictures from the events
Exploring the Psalms
Psalm 23
'Tales of the Unexpected'

First Saturday Space

On the first Saturday of each month the Memorial Chapel is open 10:30am-12:30pm, as a quiet place for relection and refreseshment, peace and prayer. Pause to reflect, relax, or pray, light a candle, or just stop for a few minutes. We provide the space, but you are free to use it as you want !

Receive e-mail information

We send out occasional e-mails about soul space. If you would like to receive these, please send e-mail to with ' soul space subscribe' in the subject line.


Both at lunchtime and in the evening, there will be a variety of spaces available around the church, which will focus on different aspects of that month's theme. These might include an invitation to perform a simple action (e.g., lighting a candle, picking up or laying down a stone), suggest a way of praying, or offer a reflection. Everyone is welcome to visit all, some or none of these areas, and to spend as much, or as little, time at each one as they desire. 

'Come and find the quiet centre in the crowded life we lead' 

soul space

Seeks to provide a 'sacred space' in the heart of the city; a space to explore, to reflect, to pray; a space to find peace, stillness and refreshment. Spend time with God, in stillness, reflection, prayer or worship. We look forward to welcoming you to soul space on the first Wednesday of any month ! 

Come when you can, leave when you must.
Explore some, all or none of what's on offer - you chose how to use the time !  

soul space
  • This is not another formal time full of church-y words !

  • This is a place of stillness, peace, and beauty, where you chose how to spend your time, and how much time

  • Join us whenever you can ! Between 12:30pm-2pm and 5pm-7:30pm - you are free to come and go whenever suits you

  • There will be usually quiet music playing

  • There will be various spaces available around the church that you may find helpful to focus your thoughts or prayers

  • You may chose to engage with these spaces or simply ignore them !

  • There is no right or wrong way of spending your time !

  • We create some space - you choose how to use it !

soul space
soul space
  • You might come along just because you're curious and want to see what goes on.

  • You might come along just because you've never been to anything like this before

  • You might come along just because it could be the only time during the week when you'll sit down and do nothing !

  • You might come along because you are in need of peace, stillness or refreshment

  • You might come along because you need space to reflect, think, or pray

  • You might come along because you are searching for God, or want to spend some quality time with him

  • If you come for no other reason - come to enjoy the beauty of this space

  • It doesn't matter why you come - and we won't ask you ! - but why not come along just once, and see if this space speaks to your soul ?

  • . . . . . you never know, you might find you want to come back again and again !

We also don't expect you to do anything, so don't be worried about getting 'volunteered' for anything. So, although we may meet with others for a time of worship, this is more about being with God than being with each other.  


This is about creating space to spend time with God. . . 

. . . but there is also the opportunity to chat with others. Tea and coffee are also available - if you just want to slip in and out again, that's fine, but if you want to sit and chat for a while, there is space for that too !  

We provide the spaces - how or if you use them, we leave up you !  

soul space

See more pictures of some of the spaces we have used as aids for prayer, reflection and quietness,

during various soul space events HERE

soul space

(Find us)


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