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The Pilgrim Way

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The Pilgrim Way 

Daily Office
Daily Bible Readings with thoughts 15 Feb update readings up to Sat 03 Mar now available
Reading List


There has been a recent growing interest in the concept of Pilgrimage.  

Increasing numbers of people engage in pilgrimages while the idea of pilgrimage and being 'on the way' is often used to describe the Christian Life.  

The theme of the 2016 General Assembly of the Church of Scotland was 'People on the Way'. 

Some years ago, a small group of people at St Cuthbert's Church in central Edinburgh began to explore themes arising from the life of St Cuthbert and Celtic Christianity in general. In time, this informal group came to include people with no formal connection with St Cuthbert's, and a loose network of interested folks met every couple of months or so to share in some worship inspired by Celtic traditions and explore some aspects of contemporary Christian life through the lens of some of the lives of Celtic saints and the theses of the Celtic Christianity of our lands.  

This loose grouping was called 'The Way of Cuthbert'. The 'Way of Cuthbert' is no more, but developing out of some of the ideas and themes that were explored and with new people expressing an interest in joining in some kind of similar group a series of seminars and a loose network of interested people is emerging called 'The Pilgrim Way'  

It is intended that the aims, ethos and values of this network and its occasional meetings will include:

  • Drawing on the deep wells of orthodox Christian theology and spirituality especially as discovered in the Celtic tradition of these islands.
  • A generous, welcoming and open approach which accommodates different and diverse viewpoints and is committed to listening to each other with respect
  • A missional and active faith
  • A concern for justice, peace and the integrity of creation
  • An affirmation of the importance of lively and theological exploration for all Christians
  • The encouragement of an ever deepening spirituality  

If you or anyone you know, might have an interest in finding out more about the Pilgrim Way, or being part of the email updates and information, or may wish to use the Daily Office or attend some of the occasional seminars, please email the Church Administrator asking to be added to the 'Pilgrim Way' email list. 

There are several aspects to 'The Pilgrim Way' . . .  

Daily Office and Night Prayer

A Daily Office (based on the former 'Cuthbert Office') is available for individual (or group) use by those involved in the Pilgrim Way. This includes a Morning and an Evening format for each day, and also a short Night Prayer office. There wll also be seasonal material provided. It is intended that suggested Psalms and Readings will also be available for each day along with a short comment or reflection.

The Daily Office with Night Prayer is available to view online »» HERE «« or you can download a PDF »» HERE ««

Daily Bible Readings

The Daily Psalms and Bible Readings, along with comments or reflections will be available from Advent 2016 onwards.  

15 Feb update: Reading Notes up to Sat 03 Mar now available »» February 2018 ««  

Other reading notes:

Suggested Reading List

A suggested Reading List for anyone interested in finding out more, is available »» HERE ««

If you have any suggestions for books to add to this list, please email the details to the Church Administrator  

Occasional Seminars

Occasional seminars will be arranged in different parts of Scotland to allow those interested to explore themes connected with Christian faith, church life, mission and spirituality as informed by our Celtic heritage.  

Saturday 24 February 2018 St Serf: Prayer and Solitude 10.30am to 12 noon (coffee and tea from 10am) in Dysart St Clair Church. (West Port, Dysart, Kirkcaldy, Fife. KY1 2TD. The church is situated on West Port in Dysart, on the north eastern outskirts of Kirkcaldy). Following a short time of opening worship based on themes relating to St Serf, we will spend some time reflecting on St Serf, Dysart and the importance of Prayer and Solitude in Celtic Christianity.

Saturday 14 April 2018 10.30am to 12 noon (coffee and tea from 10am) - at Govan Old Church in Glasgow

More seminars to follow - also possibly a trip to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne and even to Durham Cathedral and the shrine of St Cuthbert!


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