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Peter Sutton

Pastoral Letter

Dear Friends, 

At the heart of our parish lies the iconic West Princes Street Gardens. For many it is a veritable garden of Eden as they picnic beneath the Castle Rock but for others it is a daily Garden of Gethsemane as they struggle with addiction and homelessness, feeling abandoned and often betrayed. 

Our challenge at St Cuthbert's is to minister to both; the visiting tourists who are welcomed so attentively by our excellent team of volunteer guides and to the homeless whom we seek to serve in conjunction with the Bethany Trust. 

In the current edition of the Church Magazine you can read about two exciting projects that are taking place in our garden. They both speak about rejuvenation and renewal and we must ensure that our voice is heard as our parish seeks to offer the same to all those we are privileged to encounter and serve. 

With Autumn comes Harvest and Remembrance and I am so pleased that Young Church will be playing its part in these most important acts of worship. The new season of Soul Space, which was so successfully launched last month, is currently reflecting on the seasons of the year and for many Autumn is a tough one as they miss loved ones. 

The All Souls tide service at 3pm on 5th November offers a space and place to pray for those we miss most. Just as importantly we can all quietly be there for one another and walking together surely catch a glimpse of the face of Christ as we journey on. 

God Bless 

peter sutton
Parish Minister

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