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Ministry of Healing through Prayer
(page 4)

Healing Ministry : prayer and blessing for healing for those who seek prayer, is offered 

  • On the first Sunday of each month, at 12:30pm in the Anam Chara Chapel
  • During most 6pm Sunday evening services
  • Following the 6pm Sunday evening services
  • On the first Tuesday of each month, immediately after the short (12pm-12:30pm) lunchtime service

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Page 1:

 1.  Introduction
 2.  Biblical context / Instructions
 3.  Healing Service
 4.  Further Ministry after the service, in the Chapel

Page 2 : 

 5.  For what can we pray for Healing?
 6.  How do we pray for Healing?
 7.  Does prayer make a difference?

Page 3 : 

 8.  Are prayers for healing always answered?
 9.  Two final points…
10.  Why not join us?
11.  If you can't make Sunday evenings. . . .

Page 4 : 

12.  Submit prayer requests
13.  Download the information from pages 1-3 (pdf)

Page 5 : 

 14.  Documents from the Christian Fellowship of Healing (CFH)  

Cuthbert cross

12. Submit prayer requests 

If you cannot attend our Healing Service in person, (or even if you can,) you might want your name to be included during our time of intercession. If so, or if you know of someone who is in need of prayer, please submit a prayer request from here. You can include as much, or as little detail as you want. God knows the details, even if we do not! You can submit a private prayer request to the Minister which will be treated with absolute confidence (we only name people during the service, we do not "give out" any details of the reasons for the request.)  

Please e-mail your prayer request to :


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For all Church or calendar related issues, please contact :

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