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Details of our special Holy Week and Easter Services for 2018

All are welcome !


St Cuthbert's Church, Lothian Road
Edinburgh. Scotland. EH1 2EP
(Find Us)

More information about each of these services can be found HERE 


Palm Sunday
25 March
Palm Sunday/ Passion Sunday
11am Palm/Passion Sunday Service - The Liturgy of the Palms
6pm Evening Worship: The Way of the Cross
includes the ministry of prayer for healing
Holy Week Wednesday
28 March
Lunchtime : 12:30pm - 2pm
Evening : 5pm - 7pm

Come and go !
soul space for Holy Week
'For everything there is a season' theme : Holy Week

Short (optional) led reflections 1pm, 6pm
Maundy Thursday
29 March
12.45pm Maundy Thursday Lunchtime Service
(a 'community' service for Holy Week)
7pm Holy Communion and Tenebrae Vigil
Good Friday
30 March
11am Good Friday Service
7pm Good Friday Evening Reflection
(in the Memorial Chapel)
Easter Sunday
1 April
Easter Day
7.30am Easter Dawn Communion
(followed by breakfast)
11am Easter Celebration of Holy Communion
6pm Easter Evening Reflection (MC)
includes the ministry of prayer for healing

More information about each of these services can be found HERE

Photograph: Memorial Chapel,
St Cuthbert's Church, Edinburgh


More information about the Holy Week and Easter Services

Holy Week is a time when we walk with our Lord through the final dark days of the journey to the Cross, before joining in celebration of his resurrection on Easter Sunday morning. As is fitting in such a significant season of the Christian year there will be a number of opportunities for us in St Cuthbert's to join in worship together through Holy Week and on Easter Sunday as we reflect upon the mystery of Christ's suffering and death and celebrate his resurrection. 

Everyone is most welcome to join us for any (or all !) of these services 

Palm/Passion Sunday 25 March

11am - 'Palm Sunday Worship' As in past years, this service will include both the 'Liturgy of the Palms' (with procession with Palm Branches and the 'Liturgy of the Passion' including the reading of the Passion of our Lord from the Gospel. 

6pm - 'The Way of the Cross' In this service we can engage actively with the path of suffering walked by Jesus. The 'Way of the Cross' - marked by a number of 'stations' - originated when early Christians visited Jerusalem and wanted to follow literally in the footsteps of Jesus, tracing the path from Pilate's house to Calvary. They would pause for prayer and devotion at various points. Eventually those pilgrims brought the practice back to their home countries and ever since then Christians of differing traditions have used this form of devotion. 

Holy Week Wednesday 28 March

12.30pm - 2pm, and 5pm - 7:30pm - 'soul space' for Holy Week In this Holy Week soul sapce, with continue our 'Meals wiith Jesus' theme, as we pause to reflect on teh Last Supper. Led reflections at 1pm, 7pm (A short, optional, celebration of Holy Communion will follow.) 

Maundy Thursday 29 March

12.45pm - Maundy Thursday 'Community' Lunchtime Service A lunchtime service of reflection on the events of this day on which Jesus washed his disciples' feet, celebrated Passover and instituted the Lord's Supper, endured the agony of Gethsemane, and was betrayed. Refreshements will be available after the service. (More info) 

7pm - Holy Communion and Tenebrae Vigil On the night on which Jesus shared his Last Supper with the disciples, we will gather around the Table to remember, reflect upon and receive the signs of his broken body and shed blood.  

This service will conclude with the 'stripping of the church' when all hangings and decorations are removed in preparation for Good Friday and then we will observe the Tenebrae Vigil. 'Tenebrae' is the Latin for shadows, and in this vigil, through scripture readings and the extinguishing of candles, we will recall the abandonment of Christ who goes alone to the Cross. 

The vigil ends without a benediction or blessing and we depart in silence. The Triduum (the Three Days of Easter) has begun. 

The Maundy Thursday liturgy is deeply moving and inspiring. All who are able are warmly encouraged to come and prepare in this way for the commemoration of our Lord's suffering and death and the celebration of his resurrection.  

Good Friday 30 March

11am - Good Friday Morning Service : On this day on which our Lord went to the Cross, we will ponder his suffering and self-sacrifice for us.  

7pm - Good Friday Evening Reflection : This act of worship will take place in the Memorial Chapel as, in reading, prayer and symbol, we reflect upon the events of this day. We will use music from the Taizé tradition in this service, and again the service will end without benediction or blessing as we depart in silence.  

Easter Sunday 1 April

7.30am - Easter Dawn Communion Service : A quiet service of Holy Communion at the beginning of this most special of days. in St Andrew's and St George's Chucrh, George Street

11am - Easter Day Holy Communion : We always celebrate Holy Communion on Easter Sunday - in a joyful celebration on this high and holy day.As has become our tradition, on Easter Sunday, the choir will sing a 'special' setting of the communion as our offering of thanksgiving for the resurrection.With this music, and with the glorious Eastertide hymns, Easter Day promises to be a triumphant celebration. We hope you will find the music as uplifting as we intend it to be.  

6pm - Easter Evening Reflection : A quieter service for Easter Sunday evening including the 'service of light', reflection, symbolic action, prayers for the sick and the ministry of prayer for healing.  


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