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Overview of Mark's Gospel (Part 2)

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St. Mark (Part 2) 

See also St Mark (Part 1) 

Sometimes it is helpful to have a reminder of what we think we already know. We can then go on reading with more confidence and interest. The following is a cryptic reminder of the Gospel of Mark. 

Prologue : before the Ministry ch 1 v 1-13 John the Baptist calls for repentance; the Messiah is coming; Jesus is baptised; a divine voice tells him he is the Son of God.  

The Galilean Ministry ch 1 v 13 - ch 8 v 26 Jesus announces God's Reign; calls four fishermen to follow him; heals and teaches in Capernaum; offends religious leaders; has to work by the Sea of Galilee and not in the synagogues; twelve chosen as his lieutenants; Jesus teaches in parables; is accused of being in league with the powers of evil and of being mad; he sends the twelve out to teach and to heal; on their return Jesus journeys with them to Tyre and Sidon; Peter recognises Jesus as the Messiah.  

Journey to Jerusalem ch 8 v 27 - ch 10 v 52 Jesus is transfigured before three of the disciples; he moves on relentlessly to Jerusalem, healing and answering the Pharisees.  

Jerusalem, death and resurrection ch l1 v 1 - ch 16 v 8 Jesus enters the city in triumph; turns traders out of the temple; teaches in the temple forecourt; is anointed at Bethany; has a last supper with his disciples; is arrested, tried and crucified; women find his tomb empty; they are told Jesus is risen.  

Epiloguech 16 v 9-20 The appearances and ascension of the risen Lord; disciples commanded to preach the Gospel to all creation.  

Christian Education Commitee , 2003


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